2013 Everyone Reads @ your library - Successes Stories

Joliet Public Library – Family Readers Book Club

 I am a grandmother of seven. Over the years my grandkids and I have participated in many library programs. Most recently, my grand-daughter Ulianna Lorraine Oldham and Ulianna Perez at Joliet Public Libraryand I attended the Family Readers Bilingual Book Club. The program was amazing! As a parent and grandparent of bilingual children, I especially feel that this program was a plus for both the library and the community.

My grandchild learned to read in both English and Spanish. Through the program she not only received bilingual books, but she also shared and learned traditional Hispanic customs. Even I, the grandma, picked up the Spanish language bit by bit. I would love to see this program continue. It is so important in this day and age and in our community in particular to have access to bilingual and multicultural programs.

~ Lorraine Oldham and Ulianna Perez

Nataliea Bautista and Ashley Morales at Joliet Public LibraryPrograms like Family Readers Bilingual Book Club are so important for children. This program helped not only my child, but all attending children to learn to read, write and to know other cultures. Most importantly, it taught them to get along and respect others. Family Readers Bilingual Book Club encouraged the children to read more books and kept them interested through sharing some of our personal and cultural experiences.

~Natalia Bautista and Ashley Morales


Adrianna Figueroa de Trejo and Barbara Trejo at Joliet Public Library

I attended the Family Readers Book Club with my daughter April 2 through May 2, 2013.  It is very important for me that my daughter knows her letters and sounds, and that she develops a habit for reading.  I liked this program very much. My child showed an increased desire to read. It helped me build an individual learning foundation. I would like it if there were more programs like this one, programs that foster early childhood education.

~Adrianna Figueroa de Trejo and Barbara Trejo


The Castellanos Family at Joliet Public Library
My family attended the Family Readers DIA program in April and May at Joliet Public Library.  Knowing how to read and write is wisdom.  My priority is to instill in my children values that will help them finish their schooling successfully. Programs like this one support these values. I could see the interest in my children every evening for storytime book club; they loved it and had so much fun. It's like inviting them for ice cream.  They waited anxiously every week to attend the programs and we listened and learned together as a family.

~ Lorena Castellanos


The Urbana Free Library – DIA Book Club

Our library had just started working with the Dual Language (English/Spanish) programs at two of our local elementary schools. This grant gave us the opportunity to solidify that relationship by hosting a series of duel language family book clubs for nearly 200 attendees.  Our library now knows the Dual Language coordinators and teachers and best of all the families whose children are enrolled in the Dual Language programs. Working in coordination with the Urbana School District we were able to offer a library card fee waiver for the out-of-district families for the summer. This could only be done because they were participating in this special literacy program.

Giveaways from the Urbana Free LibraryEach book club started with our facilitator, Vivian, pushing her pretend Spanish button on her head. After that everything she said was in Spanish, the children could answer her questions in English, but she continued in Spanish. A fun vocabulary lesson preceded an entertaining story time punctuated by lots of questions from the children.  After the story the children joined their families for a craft that was story related and stuck with the bi-lingual theme. It was heartwarming to see whole families crafting together during the program.

The program couldn’t have gone any better; the goals we set up at the start of the program were exceeded. We  are now making changes in our department that are in direct relation to a better awareness of these Dual Language families, such as; when we put out books for display during a program, we now put out books in other languages other than English. We are fortunate to have a large foreign language section in our children’s department, so this is easy to do – we had just never thought of it before!


East Branch Irving Public Library – Books Matter @ your library

The East Branch of the Irving Public Library held 16 Dia Family Book Club programs that focused on bringing together families of children age 0 to 4 years old at the library.  Our Día de los Niños programs attracted new patrons to our library and in greater numbers than we typically see for programsBooks Matter @ your library program at East Branch Irving Public Library within the school year. Participants enjoyed the home-like feel of our library and staff, the book and bag giveaways, the socialization, the celebration of reading, and the accompanying fingerplays and crafts which expanded the programs.

The parents consistently stated appreciation for the bilingual, Spanish/English, format of storytime. Through our storytime programs many of the kids learned numbers, colors and animals in English and Spanish. Older children and families also attended our larger book club programs and enjoyed the additional cultural activities; Ballet Folklorico, American Indian dancing and music, the bilingual play, Pinnochia, and of course the food reflecting the cultures! We currently observe many patrons visiting the library with their "Books Matter at Your Library" book bags. On numerous evaluations parent's expressed enthusiasm about the programs and their child's exposure to reading and culture.


Lancaster Public Library – Cocinas y Culturas Family Book Club

Lancaster Public Library held three Día Family Book Club programs for over 50 community members.  Their programs focused on bringing together families of children age 5-8 years old and throughout the series of book clubs these families took home over 300 books to read and share to help Cocinas y Culturas Family Book Club at Lancaster Public Libraryfurther develop their child’s literacy skills together.

Our "Cocinas y Culturas" book clubs were very well received, as was evident through the positive feedback on the surveys we gave out.  It was truly touching to involve so many multicultural, multilingual, immigrant and refugee members of our community and see the impact it had on the children and families who attended.  We gained new library users and were able to connect with a population who had been looking for exactly this kind of program - and found it at the library!  Although the food was an added bonus, the stories and the people were the most important part of the series. We have had many requests and questions about having more events, and we are actively looking for a way to fund a similar monthly program.